Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of AANP members.

Congratulations to AANP member, Tracy Krimmel, who received an ONS Foundation Doctoral Practice Scholarship.  The scholarships are given to nurses who are interested in and committed to oncology nursing in order to continue their education by pursuing a research doctoral degree or clinical doctoral degree.  Read the article.

The VA should follow Vermont’s lead regarding NPs, according to AANP’s Vermont State Rep. Deborah Wachtel. “It’s time to let go of the 19th century guild mentality and allow nurse practitioners to practice to the full scope of their education and preparation in all VA settings and for the VA to add more nurse practitioners to their workforce. The data shows they are up for the task.”  Read the OpEd.  

AANP member, Hannah Sutrick, provided information regarding ticks and Lyme Disease in an audio clip.  

Julie Stamik-Hutt was interviewed about nurse practitioner autonomy. She is an AANP Fellow and AANP’s Maryland State Representative.

AANP Fellow and Region 3 Director Lorraine Reiser was mentioned in an article about the growth of a health care clinic. Dr. Reiser told reporters that, “If medical care emphasizing preventative care began to trend, health care costs could begin to reverse.”    

Lauren Radziejewski, an AANP member, was the first person present to help victims of an auto accident.  Now, she is raising awareness regarding laws that need to be updated to protect good Samaritans. Read the article.           

AANP member, Kay Shawbitz, was featured in an article about palliative care and a volunteer organization that makes quilts to help comfort patients and their families.



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