Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

AANP member Tim Mosher treated patients with Ebola virus in Liberia for a week last summer as part of a team of Samaritan’s Purse volunteers.  Now, he is educating nurses and physicians at the hospital where he works regarding how to treat Ebola virus, using new standards issued by the Centers for Disease Control.  Read more.

Ingrid Frengle-Burke, a member of AANP, was featured in an article regarding humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia that she participated in.  According to the article, fear of Ebola Virus prompted a group of parents to lobby school and public officials to keep Ms. Frengle-Burke’s daughter out of classes upon her return.

Angeline Quinones, an AANP member, was pictured in an article about proper Personal Protective Equipment procedures for those caring for patients with Ebola Virus.

Thanks to all who continue to educate patients and the public about Ebola Virus and the specific ways it may be contracted.  Don’t be afraid, be informed.  Learn more by accessing resources on AANP’s website

Congratulations to AANP member Dr. Ann Marie Hart, who received the Daniel S. Klein Spirit of Volunteerism Award from the Laramie Downtown Clinic.  The Klein award is given annually to a volunteer who exemplifies the spirit of community service and commitment that makes the Downtown Clinic possible. Read the press release.

AANP member Alondra Garibay heads clinic that addresses the needs of underserved populations.  In an article about the clinic, Ms. Garibay said, “My goal, my dream, is to make the mission sort of a place for everyone, all of the health care clinics and hospitals in this community, to work together to deliver health care to those who need it.”

Dr. Beth Haney, an AANP member, and her practice were featured in an article in California Business Journal. “Everyone has the right to the highest quality care no matter what and every person needs to be treated with the utmost respect,” said Dr. Haney.

Several AANP members are running for office in the upcoming November 4 elections.  Peggy Schuelke is running for a seat in the South Dakota House of Representatives.  Learn more.

AANP Fellow Gale Adcock is running for a seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives and was mentioned in an article on

Alaska State Senator Cathy Giessel is up for re-election and was mentioned in an article about the upcoming elections.  Sen. Giessel is also an AANP Fellow.

Full practice authority for nurse practitioners could benefit patients in Pennsylvania if a bill being reintroduced in the PA Senate becomes law.  In this news video, AANP member and former AANP PA State Rep Sue Schrand explained how the bill could benefit Pennsylvanians.  Ms. Schrand also wrote a letter to the editor of the Scranton Times-Tribune.

AANP member Margaret Ward was featured in an article about Avon Foundation walks that raise awareness of breast cancer and generate funds for research.  Ms. Ward said cancer care is improving, and she encouraged women to do monthly self-exams along with annual checkups.

Dr. Gina Nelson, founder and CEO of Primary Care Nurse Practitioners of New York (PCNPNY) and an AANP member, was featured in an article on Medpage Today.  PCNPNY was complimented on the excellent care they provide to underserved communities, which includes making house calls to all five of New York City’s boroughs.

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