Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

AANP member Ruth Wiley was pictured in an article about the expansion of virtual health care visits.  According to the article, drugstores and large health insurance carriers are exploring opportunities to expand telehealth services.  Read more.

Helen Cayce and Autumn Triplett, both AANP members, were featured in an article about their expanding health care practice, which emphasizes women’s health.

Congratulations to AANP member Tim Mosher, who has been nominated for the 2015 Albert E. Dyckes Health Care Worker of the Year Award.  This award is presented annually to one Ohio health care provider who personifies a leader, reflects the mission and values of their organization, gives back to the community and routinely goes beyond the call of duty.  Read more.

Highlights from AANP 2015 National Conference

Thank you to all who attended the AANP 2015 National Conference and who made the experience so enjoyable!  Selected articles and interviews from the conference are available below.  Additional files will be shared in the coming weeks.

During her keynote speech at the AANP 2015 National Conference opening session, Dr. Loretta Ford, an AANP Fellow and co-founder of the first nurse practitioner program, encouraged attendees to “continue to test the boundaries of what NP education can do,” Clinical Advisor reported.  “You will be challenged to innovate, engage, inquire, invest and invent, creatively and expansively, constantly and continuously,” Dr. Ford advised the audience.

“Nurse-practitioner led preoperative care can reduce surgical cancellation rates by increasing the number of patients medically optimized for surgery and may provide additional revenue for surgical practices,” according to AANP member Dr. Aaron Sebach at the AANP 2015 National Conference.  Clinical Advisor reported that Dr. Sebach indicated, “Nurse practitioners are well poised to lead interdisciplinary teams to improve preoperative care coordination.”

“Improved continuity of care results in higher patient satisfaction and better hemoglobin A1c levels in patients with type 2 diabetes,” according to Dr. Brad Franklin, an AANP member.  Reporting on a poster presentation by Dr. Franklin during the AANP 2015 National Conference, Clinical Advisor suggested that simple process changes can improve patient outcomes without increasing costs.

AANP member Dr. Donna Lester told attendees at the AANP 2015 National Conference that a care bundle can dramatically reduce the risk for surgical-site infections for colorectal surgery patients.  According to Medscape, Dr. Lester described how a 77 percent reduction in surgical-site infections was achieved by implementing a risk-management protocol.

Janice Huff, an AANP member, explained to attendees at the AANP 2015 National Conference that rates of urinary tract infection and overtreatment of asymptomatic infection can be reduced using nurse-driven protocol.  According to Medscape, Ms. Huff stressed educating staff and changing mindsets to reduce risks associated with the inappropriate use of antibiotics.

According to Clinical Advisor, AANP member Dr. Kim McGinn-Perryman and her colleagues conducted a multi-tiered educational intervention to decrease antibiotic prescribing for acute pharyngitis in adults in convenient care settings.  Dr. McGinn-Perryman detailed the results of her study during a poster presentation at the AANP 2015 National Conference, where she shared the acronym PEARLS to help health care providers empathize with patients while educating them regarding appropriate treatment.  PEARLS stands for Partnership, Empathy, Apology, Respect, Legitimize, and Support.

Mary Boyle, an AANP member, told attendees at the AANP 2015 National conference that “use of older, recombinant insulin may be a reasonable alternative to managing diabetes when patients cannot afford contemporary insulin analog therapy,” according to Clinical Advisor.  In discussing her poster presentation, Ms. Boyle emphasized that providers should make sure to lower the insulin when the drug starts working or the patient will gain weight.

During the AANP 2015 National Conference, AANP Region 6 Director, Sophia Thomas, discussed how nurse practitioners are increasing access to care for patients in New Orleans and how modernizing practice regulations could help NPs practice to the full extent of their education and clinical preparation.  Watch the interview.  She also had the opportunity to detail the importance of nurse practitioners on WWLTV.  Watch another interview.

AANP VP of State Government Affairs, Dr. Taynin Kopanos, was on Huffpost Live during the AANP 2015 National Conference to discuss the importance of modernizing state practice regulations to ensure that patients have full and direct access to the care nurse practitioners provide. Watch her interview.

In an interview with AANP staff, Mia Schexnayder-Davis, an AANP member, described her role as a nurse practitioner and shared her experience at the AANP 2015 National Conference in New Orleans.  Several other attendees were interviewed, and more videos will be shared in the coming weeks.

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