Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

More states are removing barriers to nurses’ scope of practice, according to an article by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  AANP Immediate Past President, Dr. Ken Miller, and AANP VP of State Government Affairs, Dr. Taynin Kopanos, were quoted in the article, which noted that in the last four years, seven states have enacted laws giving NPs full practice authority.  NPs in 21 states and the District of Columbia now have full practice authority.  In order to continue making progress, Dr. Miller asserted, “We have to continue to educate the legislators, we have to work with federal agencies to provide neutral language to their outdated rules and regulations, work with stakeholders to decrease costs and provide safe quality care in a timely fashion, and continue to provide care to the most needy in rural and underserved areas of the country.”

AANP Fellow Dr. Anna Jarrett is the principal investigator of a project at the University of Arkansas Eleanor Mann School of Nursing that recently received a federal grant of $1 million to increase the number of advanced practice registered nurses and help meet the health care needs of medically underserved populations in Arkansas.  The grant will enable the school to implement and evaluate a copreceptor clinical model using a collaborative network to enhance the educational experience for DNP students.   Learn more.

“The healthcare industry is full of leaders influencing changes to better the industry,” and AANP Fellow Robert D. Donaldson is described by the Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses as a leader who is positively impacting ideas about the role of advanced practice nursing.  Mr. Donaldson currently serves as the first NP Clinical Director of Emergency Medicine at Ellenville Regional Hospital and is the first NP to be elected as this Critical Access Hospital’s President of the Medical Staff.

AANP member Dr. Mary Kamienski was quoted in an article about ways to help emergency room personnel cope with anxiety they may experience after frequent exposure to death.  The article suggested that health care organizations should increase awareness of this type of anxiety, called thanatophobia, and provide access to interventions that might help staff maintain optimal physical and mental health.

An interesting article about AANP member Jean McDonough details her career progression and celebrates her return to Charlevoix Area Hospital where she obtained her first nursing job in 1989.

Congratulations to AANP member Candace Schiffer, who recently received the Kay O’Brien Memorial Award from the Oncology Nursing Society in recognition of her service as a mentor and educator of other oncology nurses.  Learn more.

After more than four decades of nursing, AANP member Cynthia Taylor is retiring.  For 46 years, she has taught and mentored future nurses and made a positive difference in the lives of her young patients.  Congratulations, and best wishes!  Read the announcement.

AANP 2015 National Conference Highlights

Thank you to all who attended the AANP 2015 National Conference and who made the experience so enjoyable!  Selected articles and interviews from the conference are available below.  Additional videos will continue to be uploaded to the AANP 2015 National Conference playlist on YouTube.

AANP member Mary Chapel‘s visit to the AANP 2015 National Conference was noted by the Hannibal Courier-Post.  Ms. Chapel urged readers to learn more about AANP membership and benefits.

Dr. Diane Pace, an AANP Fellow, was mentioned in a press release about Relizen’s presence at the AANP 2015 National Conference.  Dr. Pace presented her perspective on “The Menopausal Woman: Reviewing the Evidence and Developing a Collaborative Plan for Primary Care” and hosted the Relizen dinner reception on Friday June 12 in New Orleans.

In this video interview, Dr. Laurie Anne Ferguson explained that the AANP 2015 National Conference was important to her not only because it was held in New Orleans, but also because she was being inducted as an AANP Fellow.  According to Dr. Ferguson, it is important for NPs to learn about the history of the role to help guide them as the role continues to develop.

AANP member Dr. Terrie Spohn shared several reasons why she enjoyed the AANP 2015 National Conference, including seeing old friends and making new ones, meeting AANP leadership, and attending several skill-enhancing workshops and educational sessions. Watch Dr. Spohn’s video interview.

Two nurse practitioner students from Oklahoma, Marysue Farris and Michelle Mould, described their experience at the AANP 2015 National Conference and expressed their desire to attend future AANP conferences. Both AANP members, Ms. Farris and Ms. Mould were first time attendees at #AANP15.

AANP member Ben Leonardo shared highlights from the AANP 2015 National Conference, including excellent educational sessions and keynote speaker Naomi Judd.  Watch Mr. Leonardo’s video interview.

LCDR Robert Kimberling, DNP, FNP, indicated that attending his first AANP National Conference was all about the education and networking. Learn more.

Learn more about AANP conferences.

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