Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

A new law in New Jersey (S. 1152) authorizes nurse practitioners in that state to sign death certificates for their patients. AANP member Dr. Suzanne Drake told, “This new law should strengthen the accuracy of the information provided to vital statistics as required by the state and federal government which is used to inform, fund and guide public health efforts.” AANP VP of State Government Affairs Dr. Taynin Kopanos and AANP NJ State Rep Grace Reilly were also quoted in the article.

Congratulations to AANP member Dr. Laura Markwick, who was recently elected president of the Monroe County Board of Health.  Ms. Markwick was among the first NPs to complete the AANP Leadership Program.  Read more.

Jacqueline Carr, an AANP member, and Dr. John Holds, an ophthalmic plastic surgeon, have developed an educational resource to help patients interested in non-surgical facial rejuvenation.  Learn more about the infographics they designed.

AANP member Claudette Johnson was mentioned in an article about the expansion of a school-based health center in Georgia. Read more.

After a recent outbreak of mumps in Missouri, Susie Bryan, an AANP member and the director of health services at Evangel University, discussed precautions colleges are taking to prevent the virus from spreading.  Learn more.

In Illinois, AANP member Robert Wallace also shared ways that colleges are preparing for a possible mumps outbreak.  He works for Western Illinois University’s Beau Health Center, and no active cases were reported on that campus when the article was published.

Mary Dalpiaz, an AANP member, was featured in an article about Camp AsthmaCadabra, a camp that blends fun activities with asthma education.  Learn more.

AANP member Dr. Susan Mitchell and AANP Fellows Dr. Louise Kaplan and Bob Smithing, who work in an NP-run clinic, were mentioned in an article about ways that nurse practitioners (who have full practice authority in Washington state) have helped patients access the high-quality health care they need.  Read more.

AANP President Dr. Cindy Cooke was quoted in an educational article about safe acetaminophen use.  The article is part of the Know Your Dose campaign, which aims to increase awareness of the dangers associated with accidental acetaminophen overdose.

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