Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

Following a recent faux pas by The View, a Forbes article addresses the need to educate the media and the public about the important role of nurse practitioners.  AANP Immediate Past President Dr. Ken Miller was quoted in the article and said, “The legislative leadership we’ve seen in states like Maryland illustrates how lawmakers are increasingly rallying behind nurse practitioners as essential providers, especially equipped to meet the healthcare needs of constituents.”

Congratulations to AANP member Dr. Dawn Vanderhoef, who recently received the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Award for Excellence in Education.  AANP Fellow and APNA President Dr. Susie Adams was quoted in the press release.

AANP Tennessee State Rep Brett Badgley Snodgrass presented at the Pain Week 2015 conference on why some pain patients are more challenging to treat than others.  “Learn to recognize the 4 Cs of addiction,” Mrs. Snodgrass instructed. “Compulsive use, lack of control, continued use despite harm, and craving for the favored substance.”  Read more.

“Health care providers need to come together to support each other in the effort to allow each of us to work to the top of our scope and provide the best care to our patients,” AANP member Dr. Larlene Dunsmuir wrote in her Op-Ed educating the public about the important role of nurse practitioners.

AANP member Dr. Robin Christian is the project manager of a new program that emphasizes interprofessional collaboration in the delivery of mental and physical health care to patients in Mississippi.  According to an article about the program, “Dr. Christian hopes that providing psychiatric and psychological care alongside primary care will make patients more likely to ask for help.”  AANP member Pam Helms was pictured in the article.

We know nurse practitioners are multi-talented, but some are also multi-lingual. AANP member Anna Hristova helps put patients at ease by conversing with them fluently in English, Spanish and Bulgarian!  Read the article.

Congratulations to AANP Fellow Dr. Michael Ackerman who was recently appointed the Associate Director of Nursing at Niagara University.  Read the press release.

AANP member Kim Reffitt was featured in a story about her decision to remain at a financially challenged health care clinic to ensure that her patients have access to care.  This is a follow-up on a report published last week.  Best wishes to Ms. Reffitt and her patients.

AANP member Dana Beck was quoted in an article about the prominent role nurse practitioners hold in today’s health care system.   The article emphasized the additional value NPs provide by educating patients and expanding access to care.

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