Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

Congratulations to AANP member Laure Marino who was named one of ten 2015 Culture of Health: Breakthrough Leaders in Nursing Award Winners by the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, a joint initiative of AARP, the AARP Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  According to the press release, “The work of this year’s award recipients represents bold efforts to give everyone in America their greatest opportunity to live the healthiest lives possible.“

Read this informative NP Week article in Clinical Advisor featuring AANP Nebraska State Rep Dr. LeAnn Holmes and AANP Nevada State Rep Dr. Susan VanBeuge.  “The advanced practice nursing we provide builds on the foundation as a nurse to bring evidence-based practice to our patients, communities, states, and nation,” said Dr. VanBeuge.  “It took 50 years to get to where we are today, but we still aren’t done – we will never be done,” added Dr. Holmes.  Watch for AANP’s NP Week wrap-up, coming soon!

Diabetes educator and AANP member Caroline Trapp was mentioned in an article about the benefits of plant-based diets.  According to Ms. Trapp, “Study after study shows people who eat what grows in the ground and less animal products are healthy. We’re a meat-eating society and people don’t want to hear that about their favorite foods.”

Senator Angus King was recently honored by the Maine Nurse Practitioners Association (MNPA) for his work on legislation he supported and signed 20 years ago that allowed independent licensing of NPs in Maine.  Read the news article.

Eliminating barriers to health care access was the focus of another NP Week article featuring AANP Fellow Dr. Kristene Diggins.  According to Dr. Diggins, “The role of the NP has evolved since I was in nursing school, and I saw that as a perfect opportunity to enhance access to care. When the Doctorate of Nursing Practice role was established for NPs, I found my perfect fit for tying nursing with a clinical doctorate.  Read more.

AANP members Christopher Hewitt and Katy Meinbresse were featured in an article celebrating NP Week and describing how and why they chose to become nurse practitioners.  They discuss the benefits associated with the NP role, as well as challenges currently faced by NPs in Virginia.

Another article discussing the importance of nurse practitioners and NP Week featured AANP Indiana State Rep. Angela Thompson.  According to Ms. Thompson, “I think it’s important that legislators recognize the importance of the profession. This is one way to do that. Legislators, just like their constituents, have confusion on what an NP is in comparison to a nurse.”

It was a busy #NPWeek for AANP Fellow Barb Dehn, who was featured in a Washington Post article that shared her recipe Tahitian Honey Coughsicles.  She was interviewed by PA Live, where she shared several women’s health tips and discussed NP Week. In another article, Ms. Dehn provided several reproductive health questions that millennial women should ask their health care providers.

To raise awareness of the NP role during NP Week, AANP South Carolina State Rep Dr. Kahlil Demonbreun and AANP member Johnetta Miner shared many highlights from Dr. Demonbreun’s exciting career as an example of what a nurse practitioner is and what impact they make on their patients, their communities, and the nursing profession. Read more.

Watch this educational video about nurse practitioners created for NP Week by New Mexico Nurse Practitioner Council (NMNPC), which features AANP members Dr. Heidi Rogers, Connie Belcher, Linda SimsMarcia Hammons and Bethany Reed, along with several former AANP members.

AANP member Patti Sparling was mentioned in an article about the open house that Harris Regional Hospital and Harris Family Care Clinic held in honor of NP Week.

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