Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

Alicia Roney, an AANP member, gave readers of the Reno Gazette-Journal a variety of tips for living a long, healthy life.  According to Roney, “Increased stress can lead to many chronic illnesses, like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Stress can also lead you to feel fatigued, anxious and irritable, and it may disrupt your sleep. Regular physical activity, meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises such as deep breathing can help reduce your stress levels.”

AANP member Dr. Maria Kenneally wrote an article published by Advance for NPs & PAs that discussed the importance of documenting vaccine refusals. According to Kenneally, “NPs and PAs play a large role in delivering healthcare to families with children, including vaccinations. The conversation about vaccinations should begin by identifying the goal of the visit: the optimum health and well-being of the child.”

An article about a high blood pressure medication that is being studied as a treatment for diabetes quoted  KC Arnold, an AANP member, who said, “When the blood sugar goes up, this protein [TXNIP] goes up. What Verapamil does is it lowers the TXNIP in the body in the pancreas, and by lowering that protein the pancreatic cells don’t get destroyed.”

Congratulations to AANP member Emily Carroll who received the January-February 2016 “Making a Difference” Award from Northfield Healthy Community Initiative.  The award recognizes community members or organizations that have improved conditions for teenagers.  According to the press release, “In her work at HealthFinders, Carroll has helped create a special intake process to address adolescent health topics such as substance abuse, sexuality, safety and mental health. She has also helped to obtain better access to mental health therapy and counseling for area youth.”

AANP member Dr. Joan Bloch was among the authors of a small study that found pregnant women with Aspergers syndrome may benefit from special care.  According to a article, “In their study, researchers found that most of the women had difficulty processing sensations related to pregnancy and also experienced increased sensitivity to touch, light, sounds and interaction, according to the release. After birth, the women found it challenging to understand their infants’ behaviors and needs and to connect emotionally with them.”

The community of Sylvia, NC, is collaborating with the Good Samaritan Clinic and Western Carolina University’s School of Nursing to provide health care services to the uninsured and underserved populations.  AANP members Janet James and Susannah Francis were featured in an article describing this innovative collaboration to prepare health care providers and extend vital services to patients in need. “What’s making this particular job really interesting to me is we get students in who have never seen this side of life,” James said. “They’ve never seen poverty or people that are in so much need — not just of medical care, but they need psychological support, and we give a lot of that here.”

How can we help loved ones with addiction? According to AANP member Miki MacDonald, “No one makes the conscience choice to become addicted. In fact, there are some predispositions that may lead to addiction. For example: emotional stress, mental illness, substance use at an early age, trauma and genetics.” Read the article or watch the interview.

AANP member Debra Arabia will appear on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland to discuss hormone health and regenerative therapy.  Read the press release.

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