Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

The World Healthcare Congress was held April 10 – 13 in Washington, D.C., and nurse practitioners were represented well by a delegation from AANP, which included AANP President Dr. Cindy Cooke, AANP CEO David Hebert and AANP VP of Practice, Research and Education Dr. Diane Padden. Dr. Cooke sat on the Nursing Leadership Summit Panel, which is shown below.


April is National Minority Health Month, and AANP Fellow Dr. James LaVelle Dickens of the U.S. Public Health Service, Office of Minority Health, Region VI joined forces with AANP President Dr. Cindy Cooke to encourage cancer prevention and regular screenings for minority populations. “Early identification of cancer is critical to improving patient outcomes in every patient population,” said Dr. Cooke. Dr. Dickins added, “It’s important that patients know the cancer screenings most important to their own health and the early warning signs to look for and make an appointment with their health care provider.” Read more.

Congratulations to AANP Treasurer Dr. Joyce Knestrick, who will become AANP’s president-elect after the AANP 2016 National Conference in San Antonio this June. Learn more about Dr. Knestrick in this article by Georgetown University, which included congratulations from her colleagues, who indicated that Dr. Knestrick’s in-depth understanding of the NP role, the practice setting, and policy will help inform her leadership of AANP.

Early this week, AANP Region 6 Director Sophia Thomas wrote an op-ed about the need for Louisiana to modernize practice regulations for nurse practitioners.  “Louisiana’s residents deserve better access to high-quality health care services,” Thomas said, and she indicated that reduced restrictions for NPs could help solve Louisiana’s health care access challenges.

The Health Wagon continues to earn positive press. AANP Fellows Dr. Teresa Gardner and Dr. Paula Hill-Mead describe how they increase patients’ access to health care and make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients in rural Virginia. “Not a day goes by that patients’ lives are not saved here,” said Gardner. Hill-Meade emphasized their holistic, multidisciplinary approach to health care. “We’re trying to address these healthcare disparities because we have higher rates of just about every disease process.”

AANP member Dr. Tearsanee Davis is lead nurse practitioner for the University of Mississippi Center for Telehealth.  In an article about technology expanding access to care, Dr. Davis explained that patients are able to use tablets and peripheral devices to monitor clinical indicators and take diabetes education units at their convenience.

NPs like AANP member Laura Raykowski are making a positive difference in the lives of patients in underserved communities across the nation.  Learn how and why she became the owner her own health care clinic and how her patients are benefiting.

DNP student, clinic owner and AANP member Michelle M. Anderson wrote an article for Advance for NPs & PAs that describes how earning a DNP may benefit someone who already owns and operates an independent practice. According to Anderson, “the things that mean the most to me and why I eventually chose to make the commitment [to earning a DNP] were the education and leadership, the parity with colleagues, and the focus on meeting client and community needs at a higher level and on an even playing field.”

AANP member Andrew Lininger was quoted in an article that educates the public about colon health and describes common symptoms of colon cancer.  Lininger said, “Most often, colon cancer starts with a polyp or small growth, which if found early, can be removed before progressing to cancer. That’s why it’s important to be screened regularly.”

Michelle Wade, an AANP member and participant in the AANP Future Leaders Program, wrote an article about the Vermont Nurse Practitioners Association Conference, and it was published by her local paper.  She described continuing education as key to the high quality care that NPs provide and encouraged patients to support NPs by contacting their legislators regarding the important role NPs play and the need to reduce practice barriers.

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