Nurse Practitioner Support & Alignment Network

Health care reimbursement is changing, are you ready?

Together with the National Nursing Centers Consortium (NNCC), the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) recently formed the Nurse Practitioner Support and Alignment Network (NP SAN). This program is dedicated to ensuring that NPs know about the free Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative (TCPI), its importance, and how they can become involved. NPs are the future of primary care, and their participation means that TCPI will reach underserved and at-risk populations.

The NP SAN offers NPs:

  • Mentoring
  • Continuing Education
  • Quality Improvement Resources

Although large-scale clinical practice transformation has been occurring since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the TCPI is the first peer-based learning initiative. This means that nurse practitioners can learn about the changes in health care reimbursements from other NPs as well as physicians, clinical pharmacists and physician assistants from across the United States.

The goals of the TCPI are:

  • To reduce unnecessary hospitalization for millions of patients
  • To support over 140,000 clinicians in transforming their practices
  • To share technical assistance programs, published literature and other resources

The NP SAN is a nurse practitioner centered community. NPs will be referred to Practice Transformation Networks (PTNs) through the NP SAN, and PTNs will connect NPs with other clinicians to provide a broader community with more training and technical assistance opportunities.

The NP SAN recently hosted a webinar with the QualityImpact PTN.  The guest speakers from QualityImpact, Anna Thomas and Dr. William Bestermann, have experience in Chronic Disease Quality Improvement, which allows them to help NPs improve patient care through clinical education and optimization of workflow.  Through tools and resources like these, the QualityImpact PTN provides NPs and their practices practical, efficient and minimally disruptive support.

If you are interested in registering for the NP SAN, please contact Chantel DePaepe, AANP Research Associate, at

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