Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

Dr. Kathy Wheeler, AANP Fellow, Shot@Life Champion and chair of AANP’s International Committee, was quoted in an article about the importance of vaccinations for teens who are transitioning to college.  “Immunizations are the cheapest, best way to prevent health problems,” Dr. Wheeler said. “It is the most significant thing that we can do to impact and improve health. So as a provider, one of the best things that we can do . . . is to review their immunizations and provide immunizations, or educate them about the need for immunizations.”

Congratulations to Telana Fairchild, an AANP member, who was the University of Massachusetts Medical School Graduate School of Nursing class speaker.  Fairchild will receive her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree this month and said, “The DNP program has increased my confidence as a leader. As a DNP you learn how to take evidence and research and apply it to clinical practice. We are the resource for how to implement what is currently being shown to change patient outcomes.”  Read the press release.

In an article for, AANP Fellow Dr. Angela Golden explained why ordering diagnostic testing should not be an NP’s first response. Golden advised new NPs to “practice all of the skills learned in your physical exam class. Start making a diagnosis before ordering a test and start learning to trust your diagnostic skills and intuition.”

Congratulations to AANP member Monica Teichert who is one of two Jonas Scholar recipients from the University of Wyoming.  The Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program was established in 2008 to support the doctoral education of nursing leaders who will promote nursing excellence in clinical practice or become academic faculty leaders. Learn more.  #NPsLead

AANP member Molly Nestor is a recent Yale graduate who was profiled in a Boston Globe article. Readers learned of her athletic and academic achievements.  One of Nestor’s former teammates, Christina Crespi, was undergoing treatment for colon cancer when their lives intersected again.  Crespi is recovering and is working toward becoming an NP.   According to Nestor, “Though we had years apart, our love for the game and nursing has made picking up our friendship a seamless endeavor.”  Read more to learn how athletics prepared Nestor to succeed in the field of nursing.

Congratulations to AANP member Patti Iversen, who is celebrating 40 years of nursing at the Sidney Health Center in Sidney, MT.  Reminiscing on her career, Iversen said, “Whether you’re in a delivery room sharing in the joy of a new baby, or comforting someone in a time of grief or anxiety in the ER during a stressful situation, or simply hearing about the fun parts of a patient’s life when you’re visiting with them during a check-up, being allowed to share in people’s lives is such a privilege.” Read more.

Amy Nieberlein, an AANP member who specializes in treating patients who have experienced a stroke, is working on a transition-to-home program and was featured in Cardiovascular Business’s Executive Insights column (p. 44-45).  The article indicated that “nearly two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries discharged after an ischemic stroke die or are rehospitalized within one year. Nieberlein discussed the need to “improve how stroke survivors reintegrate into communities and access resources.” She also explained how these improvements might positively impact not only the lives of stroke survivors, but of their caregivers as well.

AANP member Mary Beth Peach was featured in an article about a health care company in Alabama that increases access to care by making house calls.  The company was founded by Tennessee Sen. Bill Frist and uses nurse practitioners to reduce hospital visits and care for a variety of needs experienced by very ill patients.

How do outdated practice regulations hinder NPs?  AANP member Gloria LaFollette explained who nurse practitioners are, what they do, and how modernized regulations in Michigan could help that state’s patients.  Read more.

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