Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

In a recent article, AANP Fellow Dr. Randolph Rasch, who is the dean of the MSU College of Nursing and a distinguished scholar in the National Academies of Practice, offered valuable advice to nursing students, including the following:  “Move forward. Be adventurous in your problem solving. Pursue limitless thinking. Adapt to the ever-changing environment; the sooner you begin thinking of yourselves as creative, clinical problem-solvers – the better.”

AANP Fellow Dr. David Campbell-O’Dell wrote an article on the international impact of the practice doctorate that was published in Advance for NPs & PAs.  He concluded that “Doctorally-prepared advanced practice nurses have a tremendous duty that begins at home. Influencing outcomes is our concern. We are growing, evolving and blazing paths that can support this goal, but we have a long way to go. Keeping a laser focus on dynamics here in this country while applying what works in other countries may help turn the tide in quality and cost.”

A nursing scholarship has been established in memory of Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill who were killed tragically on August 25. Learn more about Sister Held and Sister Merrill and the scholarship fund.

AANP Region 2 Director Dr. Stephen Ferrara was quoted in an article about New York state expanding its medical marijuana program to allow nurse practitioners to authorize the drug for patients. According to Ferrara, “Allowing nurse practitioners to participate in New York’s program will provide greater access to New Yorkers of all ages and health conditions, since these New Yorkers are increasingly choosing a nurse practitioner as their health care provider.”

Mary Pasternacki, an AANP member, wrote an op-ed about nurse practitioners that was published by Flagstaff Business News. Pasternacki recently opened her own clinic in Arizona and described how full practice authority in AZ and other states makes it possible for NPs to provide high quality health care to previously underserved populations.

AANP South Carolina State Rep Dr. Kahlil Demonbreun wrote an article for Advance for NPs & PAs that discussed the Federal Trade Commission’s 2014 report on the regulation of advanced practice nursing.  According to Demonbreun, “state legislators and regulators should carefully consider whether the goals of collaboration and coordination can be achieved via less restrictive alternatives.”

Tanya Spoon, an AANP member, opened a clinic that operates according to a direct primary care model, with patients paying a monthly membership fee, rather than using insurance.  Her clinic was featured in an article about the popularity of the direct primary care model.

AANP member Agnes Oblas wrote an article for her local paper comparing the health of her community to that of the rest of the nation.  According to Oblas, “For a month I tallied the diagnoses of my patients in three main categories:  obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. I then did some simple math to get the percentage of these diagnoses in relation to the total number of patients in my practice. This percentage could then be compared to national data.” Read more about her findings.

Sleep specialist and AANP member Teresa Valerio participated in a Q&A session on the secrets of sleep.  Valerio discussed her recent research, the importance of sleep, and common sleep problems. After indicating that sleep disorders may be behavioral or biological, Valerio offered six tips to improve sleep.

AANP member Eric Fast answered several questions about insomnia for readers of the Lewiston Tribune.  He advised against using alcohol as a sleep aid and provided several other helpful recommendations for people with insomnia.


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