Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs is a weekly article that highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

Forbes reported on the new VA rule that gives veterans full and direct access to nurse practitioners in VA facilities. In the article, Bruce Japsen quoted AANP President Dr. Cindy Cooke, who said the final rule “is a critical step for America’s veterans to be able to obtain timely, high quality care in the Veterans Health System.”

AANP applauds the VA rule giving veterans better access to care, and AANP President Dr. Cindy Cooke said, “This final rule is a critical step for America’s veterans to be able to obtain timely, high quality care in the Veterans Health System. We are pleased the VA will move forward with allowing veterans throughout the country to have direct access to nurse practitioner provided health care.” Read the press release.

“Nurse-managed health clinics provide care to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in the United States,” according to AANP Fellow Dr. Teresa Gardner of the Health Wagon. In her article about drone-delivered health care in rural Appalachia, Gardner indicated that this emerging technology can be used to improve health outcomes.  AANP Fellow Dr. Paula Meade was mentioned in the article.

Congratulations to AANP member Carol Siem who was named 2016 Nurse of the Year by the March of Dimes in Missouri. “My entire nursing career has been working with the elderly,” Siem said. “Making sure they get the care they deserve has always been my main priority.” Read the press release.

Congratulations to AANP Fellows Barb Dehn @NurseBarbDehn and Terri Schmitt @OnlineNursing and AANP members Katie Duke @TheKatieDuke, Sara Marlow @MissFNP, Dr. Renee Thompson @RTConnections, Ashleigh Clarke @Ashleigh_NP, and Dr. Kim Choma @KChoma who were named to’s list of Top 25 Most Influential Nurses to Follow on Twitter.

The CrossOver Healthcare Ministry offers free health care to low-income and uninsured people in Richmond, Virginia. AANP member Renee Hammel volunteers for the clinic and stressed the importance of having translators available to assist Spanish speakers who represent 80 percent of the 8,000 patients seen by the clinic last year. Read more.

The Graduate School of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts Medical School received a $2.1 million grant to help expand access to primary care by increasing the number of advanced practice registered nurses in underserved communities. AANP Fellow Dr. Karen Dick was interviewed about the grant and said, “Academic and practice partnerships like ours provide a critical structure to expand learning opportunities regarding access to health care, managing chronic diseases and addressing neglected health needs by substantially expanding real world training opportunities in caring for multiple chronic and complex comorbidities, including behavioral health, in underserved populations.”

AANP member Madetric Woods was featured in an article about her philanthropic involvement in programs that provide Christmas gifts for underprivileged children. “I have always been taught to give to those less fortunate when I was a child,” Madetric says, “and as I became an adult and was able to bless others, I continued to do so.”

Congratulations to AANP member Timothy Gebhart, who was awareded the 2016 Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Nanette Clapper Memorial Scholarship in recognition of his dedication to the nursing profession. Read the press release.

AANP Fellow Dr. David Campbell-O’Dell wrote an article published by Advance for NPs & PAs that focused on “collaboration, partnerships and ways to maximize existing systems to improve healthcare outcomes.” According to Campbell-O’Dell, nurse practitioners who hold doctoral degrees should seek ways to help improve the health care system.

A Multiple Sclerosis News Today article featured AANP member Dr. Carrie Lyn Sammarco and provided insight into the roles and identities assumed by caregivers. “We can’t always think that ‘I’m the receiver and you are the giver,’” Sammarco said, pointing out that both caregivers and those who receive care need to be empowered and appreciative of what the other contributes. “We need to look at reciprocal giving in relationships, and understand that we support the other person because we love them and want them to do well.”

2016 was a busy year for AANP member Dr. Diane McGinnis. Her house call service was featured in an article about the care she provides in her “clinic without walls,” taking health care to patients, wherever they may be. McGinnis was also featured in an Nevada Public Radio interview about ways she is increasing access to health care in rural Nevada.

The Family Community Clinic in Butchertown, Kentucky, serves thousands of uninsured people a year. The clinic is a safety net for patients who would otherwise visit the emergency room and incur hefty medical fees. AANP Fellow Pam King is among the more than 200 volunteers who make the clinic possible. Read more.

AANP members Dr. Shari Simone and Dr. Carmel McComiskey were among the authors of a study published in Critical Care Nurse that identifies key strategies for successful integration of nurse practitioners into intensive care units. The study was highlighted by Clinical Advisor and was the subject of an article in Doctors Lounge.

In an Advance for NPs and PAs blog, AANP member Renee Dahring discussed the possibility of changing health care culture by implementing full practice authority for nurse practitioners. Dahring advocates speaking up to effect a culture change, recognizing the importance of the NP role and eliminating marginalization.

AANP member Betsy Gaffney will be missed when she leaves her post as a primary health care provider in Laceyville, WY, according to an article in the Wyoming County Press Examiner. Gaffney is relocating, and community members wished her well at a goodbye gathering. It was reported that, “It’s easy to understand though, why everyone has been so grateful to Gaffney for her services, and why they are so sad to see her go. Because for the last 13 years, Gaffney has performed the role of ‘county physician’ for the community, even going so far as to make house calls for those who were unable to make it into her office.” Read more about the positive impact Gaffney had on her patients and their community.

“To truly be able to improve the health of families, it is essential to understand their beliefs about health and wellness and design treatment strategies which work within their daily lives,” Dr. Carolynn Desandre, an AANP member, told the University of North Georgia. Read about Desandre’s career path and current position teaching graduate courses in nurse educator and family nurse practitioner tracks.

AANP Region 2 Director Dr. Stephen Ferarra was featured in a Columbia Nursing article about nurse practitioners transforming primary care in New York City.

The philanthropic activities of AANP NP Organization member San Angelo Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice were highlighted in an article about food that members donated and prepared for more than 80 homeless people at the Salvation Army in San Angelo, Texas. With a new, philanthropic mission, the organization dedicated this volunteer opportunity to the memory of Barbara Lynn Taylor, RN, who recently passed away and who was the mother of AANP member Michelle Taylor-Chinn.

AANP member Ashley Lankford was featured in an article about her career in aesthetic nursing. Congratulations are also in order, since Lankford reports that she recently passed her FNP certification exam!

Dr. Karen Mulvihill, an AANP member, wrote a case study about integrating palliative care into outpatient oncology. According to Mulvihill, “There is no standard method for integrating palliative care into outpatient oncology practices, and no examples of how cancer centers are doing it. There is a strong evidence to support integrating palliative care into cancer centers. However, an understanding of what palliative care is and what it isn’t is crucial for this integration. As the field of palliative care continues to grow, cancer centers should share examples of how they have successfully integrated palliative care into their centers, so others can learn from their successes and challenges.”

AANP members Dr. Valierie Griffin and Chontay McKay traveled to Haiti on a medical mission trip and provided health care to people who lack adequate access to care. McKay was quoted in an article about the trip and said, “My mission trips to Haiti have always enhanced my skillset, as they give me another setting to practice where basic medical tools and technology are not always readily available, and one must rely on the knowledge they have gained through training. What I bring back to my patients in the States after these experiences is patience, understanding and a different perspective.”

Congratulations to AANP member Katie Haigh, who was one of two nursing science graduate students from the University of Delaware to be named Jonas Center Scholars. The students will receive funding for doctorate degrees in nursing. Read the press release.

A Medscape podcast featuring AANP member Lisa Novak provided information on ways to choose a basal insulin. According to Novak, “It helps to have choices. Choices can be overwhelming when you are not sure what to do, but there is an insulin for every patient, and there is a patient for every insulin.” Learn more.

AANP Fellow Dr. Dorren Cassarino and AANP member Bonnie Sealey were among the Nurse Practitioner Council of Collier County members who were congratulated by Florida Governor Rick Scott for passage of the Barbara Lumpkin Controlled Substances Prescribing Act of 2016. Read more.

Congratulations to AANP member Jenna Boutilier who is among the owners of a new NP-led clinic that emphasizes a holistic approach and patient-centered care. Read the press release.

The Night Ministry Street Outreach offers health care, counseling and other necessities to Chicago’s homeless population by actively seeking and treating homeless patients throughout the city. AANP member Matthew Sorenson volunteers for the Night Ministry. In an article for the Chicago Sun Times, Sorenson discussed the extreme medical needs of addicts and said that building relationships is key to caring for his patients. “With street medicine,” Sorenson said, “you have to develop a trust with people you are seeing.”

Leadership is a hallmark of the nurse practitioner role, and AANP member Dr. Mary Williams was featured in a series of articles by the Daily Yonder that detailed dynamic leadership in the Mississippi Delta.

Congratulations to AANP member Amanda Chaney for publishing a new book, “Fast Facts about GI and Liver Disease for Nurses: What APRNs Need to Know in a Nutshell.” Additional information is available from Springer Publishing.


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