Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

AANP Texas (S) State Representative Dr. Jessica Peck lives in the Houston area and was featured in nearly twenty television and radio interviews about the work she is doing to help patients in need after Hurricane Harvey and the historic flooding it caused. Interviews currently available to the public include:

AANP President Dr. Joyce Kenstrick shared four things you can do to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Knestrick also warned of health risks related to flood waters.

Congratulations to AANP Maine State Representative Dr. Valerie J. Fuller who was recently elected to serve as the Area IV Director of the National Counsel of State Boards of Nursing. Fuller also serves as board president of the Maine State Board of Nursing. Read the press release.

AANP Fellow Dr. Susan Apold and AANP member Dr. Bernadette Sosnowski discussed whether there should be laws mandating nurse practitioner to patient ratios in the current edition of The Journal for Nurse Practitioners‘ “Point Counterpoint” column.

Wildfires in California are producing smoke and ash that “can exacerbate symptoms for people who have asthma and allergies, including shortness of breath, sneezing, watery eyes, sore throats and dry coughing,” according to AANP member Lihong Lin in an article published by The Sentinel. Lin suggested wearing a mask and staying indoors as ways to minimize risk.

In an article for parents of school aged children, AANP member Melissa Prouty said, “At the beginning of the school year kids are particularly susceptible to any viral illness due to the change in their schedule. To help keep kids healthy, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and good hygiene are critical.”

AANP member Kerrie Baker has been gathering medications and supplies to take to Rockport, Texas, an area that was impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Baker lives and works there during part of the year, and she said, “These people need help. They have lost absolutely everything that they have worked so hard for. If they didn’t pack it when they were evacuated, then they don’t have it.” Read more.

Be prepared for flu season with tips from AANP member Betsy Diaz. In a local news report, Diaz urged people to get vaccinated and said, “One of the main things people can do to prevent the flu is that if you are sick you need to stay at home avoid other people during that time that you’re sick with symptoms.”

AANP Immediate Past President Dr. Cindy Cooke and AANP member Dr. Rebecca Bates were featured in an AARP article about the nurse practitioner role. “We need more clinicians,” Cooke said. “There is never a shortage of patients.”

Editor of the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (JAANP) and AANP Fellow Dr. Charon Pierson and AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick were quoted in a press release about Wolters Kluwer becoming the new publisher of JAANP.

A special edition of JAANP focused on professional development for nurse practitioners. A press release distributed by Advanced Practice Education Associates indicated that AANP Fellow Dr. Amelie Hollier wrote an article for that issue, demonstrating her expertise in, and commitment to, professional growth for all NPs. The issue’s guest editors, AANP Fellows Dr. Judith A. Berg, Dr. Rodney W. Hicks,  and Dr. Mary Ellen Roberts said the issue was intended to “add to the preparation of a new generation of NPs armed to do battle against obstacles raised by other professional groups and even by those from nursing professionals within.”

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