Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick was part of The Hill‘s panel discussion today on Innovating to Improve Patient Health. Watch a video of the event (Knestrick begins at the 1:15:07 mark). In addition, Know Your OTCs recently published an article by Knestrick titled, “Don’t Dance Around a Persistent Cough.”

Dr. Cindy Cooke, AANP’s Immediate Past President, had several articles published recently, including:

After an October 12 viewing of “Being Mortal,” AANP member Leslie Goldman will participate in a panel discussion on the importance of talking about and planning one’s health care wishes. The film addresses the hopes of patients and families facing terminal illness, and it investigates care for the dying and relationships between patients and their health care providers. Learn more.

Nurse practitioners hold a wide variety of clinical, educational and research positions. For example, AANP member Paulette Worcester  taught nursing for years and has now transitioned to full-time nursing practice. “It’s challenging,” Worcester said in a local news article. “I never had the chance to do this full-time. We have really nice people here. As a rural community, mostly farming community, families have homes here for several generations and they deeply care about the community and its people.”

AANP member Cindy Teeple was recently nominated for a Cure Today Extraordinary Healer Award for Oncology Nursing. The award gives honors the compassion, expertise and helpfulness that a special oncology nurse has exhibited. Learn why Teeple was honored.

Congratulations to AANP Fellow Dr. Ruth Kleinpell, who was recently named Assistant Dean for Clinical Scholarship at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. Kleinpell is director of the Scholarly Practice Program, which supports clinical teaching faculty in scholarship initiatives and scholarly clinical excellence. Read the press release.

A number of health care experts are currently urging patients to get their flu shots. AANP member Cindy Weston has already seen several cases of influenza and told The Eagle that the beginning of October is an ideal time for people to get their flu vaccines.

AANP member Patricia Garnica was mentioned in a special issue of Current Diabetes Review about the management of diabetes in medically complex patients. According to the article, “Diabetes affects roughly 30 million Americans, and is one of the leading causes of disability and mortality.” Specialized health care needs of older patients, self-harming or suicidal patients, and members of underserved populations were discussed.

Congratulations to AANP member Nycole Oliver, who recently received the Frank L. Cole Nurse Practitioner Award from the Emergency Nurses Association. According to a press release, “She is one of 16 nurses across the country and the only one in Arkansas to be honored with the award.” Read more about the award.

AANP member Nicole Zenk was mentioned in a local news article about a clinic that demonstrated improved outcomes with patients’ mental and physical health. According to the article, “After almost two years, HI-C patient outcomes tracked by staff show promising results: better overall health, no illegal substance use, no interaction with the criminal justice system, no binge drinking, no serious instances of psychological distress.”

The remarkable career of AANP member Renata Wos was highlighted in a recent article. Wos emigrated to the United States from Poland in 2010 and will open a new clinic in Rhode Island October 2. Wos said, “I’m very open to patient suggestion and I’m a good listener.  Everyone has a different approach to health.  I love natural healing.”

A community forum was held yesterday to discuss the leading sources of stress, how stress affects one’s health, and ways to reduce stress. AANP member Donna Montesi, moderated the discussion. Learn more.

Read tips on managing seasonal cold, allergy and sinus symptoms, provided by AANP member Tiffany Potter. Potter educated readers of the Chattanoogan about the variety of viruses, bacteria and allergies that they may face this fall, and she indicated how each of the illnesses should be treated.

After a two-year search, Davidson County Health Department in North Carolina is happy to have a new nurse practitioner. AANP member Kathy Arcidiacono will help patients with family planning, including education, counseling, annual exams, and prescribing. Read more.


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