Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

The 30 Seconds blog site recently featured articles on influenza and heart health from AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick and AANP Immediate Past President Dr. Cindy Cooke. Read the articles below:

“Healthcare is an extremely personal experience,” said Dr. Joyce Knestrick in an article about meeting the nursing demand through diversity. Knestrick said, “Patients want to have a relationship with their provider and cultural connections can help patients feel more comfortable in discussing their health concerns and issues.” The article also indicated that “For the past decade, the nursing profession has made diversity a priority. While the numbers in the profession… do not yet mirror the general population of the United States… solid efforts and strategies are at work to facilitate change.”

Congratulations to AANP Fellow Dr. Mary Neiheisel, who will receive the Sarah Brabant Trailblazer Award at the Lafayette’s Women’s Leadership Conference at the University of Louisiana next month. Learn more about the honor.

AANP member Jill Williams was quoted in an article about a new wireless heart monitor that is helping patients with congestive heart failure. According to Williams, patients should be educated about proper nutrition and “…how they need to take their medications. (Patients need) to adhere to a low-salt, or even a no-salt diet… If you eat a bunch of salt, you’re going to hang onto water. And when your heart is weak, it can’t handle the same volume that a normal person does.”

Congratulations to AANP member Dr. Samantha Pehl, who was selected as an honoree in the 2018 DFW Great 100 Nurses Celebration. Pehl said, “I am honored by this recognition because I highly respect and admire the nurse who nominated me. I join a group of strong, passionate and powerful professionals. It is so gratifying to know I have touched so many in a positive manner.” Read more.

Cynthia White, an AANP member, helps lead a team that uses advanced stem-cell therapy to repair damaged joints and cartilage. According to an article about the clinic, “By injecting living stem cells, health professionals can stimulate the regrowth of cartilage that cushions bones at their joints, all without complicated surgeries or medications that merely mask the symptoms of joint deterioration.”

AANP member Suzanne Ehler was quoted in a local news article about a program she participated in to educate elementary school students about nutrition and CPR during American Heart Month. According to Ehler, “Students are very engaged, seem very excited to learn. These students are picking up the compressions pretty quickly, something is better than nothing.”

Congratulations to AANP member Nancy Uhland, who was recently awarded the American Association of Kidney Patients 2018 Medal of Excellence Award in the nursing category. According to an article about the recognition, “Uhland said her goal is to provide direct patient care and empower patients to be their own advocates. She said her passion for kidney health started as early as 1997, when she received her master’s degree and family practitioner degree at Georgetown University.” Uhland said, “Advancing my career was fully based on how I could have an even bigger voice for patient care. Direct patient care is key.”

“Small lifestyle changes make a big difference to improve your overall heart health, even after you have been diagnosed with heart disease,” according to AANP member Theresa Krueger-Junk. In an article during American Heart Month, Krueger-Junk listed seven major risk factors for heart health. Learn more about those factors and ways symptoms may vary depending on gender.

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