Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

AANP leadership wrote two blogs for 30 Seconds recently.

Congratulations to AANP S. Texas State Representative Dr. Jessica Peck, who recently received the Kelly Reed Advanced Practice Community Impact Award in honor of her work related to human trafficking. Learn more.

AANP Maine State Representative Dr. Valerie Fuller recently presented “Legislative and Regulatory Issues of Interest to NPs” at the Maine NP Annual Conference. Conference attendees pictured below are holding AANP’s “I’m a Fan of NPs” fans.

Maine NP Annual Conference

During National Nurses Week, AANP Fellow Dr. Richard Ricciardi wrote a blog for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality about the ways that nurses can address primary care needs. According to Ricciardi, “NPs and PAs, who comprise approximately 30 percent of the primary care workforce, already play a central role in the delivery of a broad range of primary care services, while leading practice improvement efforts focused on quality and safety.”

Congratulations to AANP Fellow Dr. Bernadette Melnyk, who was selected to be honored for extraordinary contributions to critical care and the mission and vision of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) with the 2018 AACN Pioneering Spirit Award. This AACN Visionary Leadership Award recognizes significant contributions that influence high-acuity and critical care nursing. The presentation will occur during the 2018 National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition. Read the press release.

AANP Fellow Dr. Tami Thomas was quoted in a Daily Nurse article about $100,000 in ANEW grants that were awarded to Florida International University students. According to the article, “The first cohort of ANEW trainees are all graduate nursing students from FIU’s Family Nurse Practitioner track. Each trainee will receive up to $20,000 to help cover tuition, living and housing expenses, and textbooks. Their clinical rotation begins in summer 2018.”

Diabetes Forecast highlighted AANP member Lisa Taylor in an article about NPs who are helping patients in underserved areas. Taylor stressed the importance of prevention and said, “What’s important to me is the opportunity to educate. We’re all constantly bombarded by claims about some new treatment or miracle drug. And in New Mexico, we have a large percentage of people who are on Medicaid and have no insurance. All those things drive what I do.”

AANP member Dr. Heather Flores initiated food insecurity screening in Alabama as part of a graduate school project. According to Flores, “”Low-income families, specifically those headed by single women with children. Families and individuals – specifically older Americans, who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses, and are disabled are also vulnerable to experiencing food insecurity. The other vulnerable groups are members of the LGBT community, college students, immigrants, and our armed forces families are also vulnerable.” Learn more about her screening tool, The Hunger Vital Sign™.

A local news article about the need for nurses in rural communities featured AANP member Anne Perry, who chose to be an NP after attending two years of medical school. Perry said, “I wanted more of a relationship with patients. I definitely had a more holistic idea of what healthcare was about and didn’t like just looking at a person’s disease. I wanted to see more than that. I decided I’d rather be a nurse.”  Learn more about her role in primary care and her experience serving in the Maine House of Representatives.

AANP member Shelley Lynch is a former Red Sox Nurse and also top 10 Boston Red Sox “Nurse Hero.”  Lynch said as a Red Sox nurse, “We take care of the fans. There are three stations – home plate, green monster, and the first aid station. You rotate between the three places caring for the people in the stands.” Read more.

How long can it take for an STD to show signs? AANP member Maryalice Hardison provided answers for readers of the Yakima Herald-Republic column “Friends, Love and…”. She shared information about several diseases.

Viewers of a local news report in Dayton, Ohio, learned what causes a sore throat and several ways to treat it, thanks to AANP member Sarah Wilson. Watch her tips for allergy sufferers, patients with strep throat and more.

A direct health care model is taking root in La Conner, WA, thanks to AANP member Brianna Wilson, who became an NP to help increase patients’ access to care and help them prevent serious illness. Learn more about her NP-led clinic and business model.

AANP member Dr. Jackie Baer and Ana Verzone were recognized by Daily Nurse for their efforts to combat the rural health care crisis. According to the article, Verzone and Baer “have dedicated their careers to caring for the neglected and underserved populations in America’s rural regions.” Both are graduates of the Jonas Scholar program and credit that experience as inspiration for their philanthropic works.

An NP-led foot care clinic run by AANP member Jayne Hermes was featured in a local news article. Hermes reported that the care she provides has prevented amputations. She said, “I’ve never been appreciated more in my life, in 35 years of being a nurse. You look down a row of nurses, and all the nurses are smiling and all the patients are smiling.”

Congratulations to AANP member Merrily Mount who was honored by her community after 21 years of caring for patients at the South County Medical Clinic in Quilcene. According to a local news article, Mount will truly be missed by her patients and colleagues. Read more.

In a local news article, AANP member Lindsey Gillum addressed ways that parents can explain human reproduction to children in age appropriate ways. Gillum said, “”If you’re not talking with them I think they are going to seek out information so I wanted her to have info that I provided, rather than other people were providing her.”

AANP member Jane Hoover wrote a letter to the editor of her local newspaper that addressed the importance of being active and spending time in nature. Read her tips.

Congratulations to AANP member Tamarah Coffey who tied for the best pediatric care award in Victoria, TX. Coffey emphasized the importance of building relationships with her patients. Read the press release.

Hepatitis A is transmitted from person to person, AANP member Dr. Ruth Carrico told reporters covering an outbreak of the disease in Kentucky prior to the Kentucky Derby. Carrico said, “Anyone has the possibility of ingesting something that is contaminated with the microorganism.” Read the article, and watch the interview.

Congratulations to AANP member Dr. Wendy Fletcher, who was recently appointed to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents. Read the press release.

An article about the difficulty patients face locating and accessing health care providers quoted AANP member Courtney Simmons, who conducted research that found practices were not accepting new patients or did not offer hours conducive to patients’ schedules. Simmons said, “The idea was that if you have private insurance, you have care, but I found that what I was seeing was that it wasn’t true. If that’s the case, that needs to change some assumptions on how we provide lower-cost care.”

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