Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick was featured in a Health eCareers article about a recent study published by the Journal of Internal Medicine that found nurse practitioners seek out lower-income areas where they can practice and improve access to care. Knestrick practices in a rural, underserved area and said, “Given where we tend to practice, it’s really important that we modernize laws in states to allow nurse practitioners to practice to the full extent of their education and training.”

Recipients of the AANP 2018 State Award for Excellence were recently announced, and they will be honored at the AANP 2018 National Conference in Denver this June. Founded in 1991, the State Award for Excellence recognizes an NP in each state who demonstrates excellence in clinical practice. In 1993, the state award was extended to recognize the efforts of an individual who had made a significant contribution toward increasing the awareness and acceptance of NPs. Congratulations to all the recipients!

Congratulations to AANP Fellow Dr. Lynn Rapsilber, who was one of 10 nurses recognized during National Nurses Week in Hearst Connecticut Media Group’s 2018 Salute to Nurses. Recipients were celebrated at a reception and received a crystal heart along with a feature article in a Salute to Nurses insert in the Sunday supplement of five local newspapers. Rapsilber also presented Health Care Fraud: Do You Look Good in Stripes? at the Connecticut APRN conference in April.

AANP member Betsy Diaz was quoted in an article about the growing role of advanced practice providers. Of the NP role, Diaz said, “It’s been a very rewarding career for me. And as challenging as it was to get here I’m glad that I’m here and I’m glad I’m able to provide care to patients.”

Congratulations to AANP member Kristen McGrath, who was among the recipients of the 2018 Nightingale Awards for Nursing Excellence at the Oakland University School of Nursing and Board of Visitors’ 30th annual Nightingale Awards ceremony on May 10. Read the press release.

The Annals of Family Medicine recently featured a study on a theoretical nurse practitioner and physician co-management model designed to alleviate primary care strain. The study was conducted by AANP member Dr. Allison Norful and others. The model included three elements: “effective communication, mutual respect and trust, and clinical alignment/shared philosophy of care.” Read the article.

A new bone health clinic will be led by AANP member and orthopedic nurse practitioner Dr. Eric Willoughby. The clinic will use evidence-based guidelines to screen and treat osteoporosis to reduce the risk of fractures. Willoughby noted that, “One in two women over the age of 50 can be expected to sustain an osteoporosis related fracture in her remaining lifetime.” Learn more.

Congratulations to AANP member Joseph Powell, who recently received the Phoebe Advanced Practice Provider of the Year Award. The award honors an APP who exemplifies a commitment to improving the health and well-being of patients. Read the press release.

More people are getting sick from diseases transmitted by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes, according to a local news report that quoted AANP member Autumn Jones. Tips on treating insect bites and stings were provided by Jones, who also advised patients to visit their health care provider if needed. Learn more.

A National Nurses Week article praised AANP member Misti Garnett for the positive change she is creating for patients in rural Mississippi, where she is opening a clinic that will increase access to care. Garnett said, “Having this opportunity to finally be back in Mathiston, where my family is, and offer something to Mathiston, that they don’t have was just really something I couldn’t turn down. It was very exciting for us. It was just that next phase that I wanted to do.”

Congratulations to AANP member Mary Smania, who recently received a Community Service award because of her determination to help patients and was featured in the Lansing State Journal. Smania was also recognized for her efforts to remove practice barriers. Learn more.


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