Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick, AANP Fellow Dr. Margaret Flinter and AANP member Nichole Mitchell were quoted in a Modern Healthcare article about residency programs for nurse practitioners. “We already have good outcomes to show that our current educational system has been effective,” Knestrick said. “So I’m not really sure what the benefit is for residencies.”

The Health Wagon, including AANP Fellows Dr. Teresa Gardner Tyson and Dr. Paula E.S. Hill, will be participating in a free medical, dental and vision clinic organized by Remote Area Medical in Wise County Virginia. The event is scheduled to be held July 20-22. Learn more.

AANP Fellow Dr. Thomas Mackey was quoted in an article by Healio that indicated NPs are well-positioned to improve colon cancer screening rates. The article referenced a survey conducted in collaboration with HealthyWomen, Exact Sciences and AANP. “Nurse practitioners are engaged in colorectal cancer screening,” Mackey said. “But one of the things we also found is that there needs to be in increased awareness of other options for [CRC] screening than just colonoscopy and just fecal occult blood test. Those are some opportunities that this survey brought out.”

Congratulations to AANP Fellow Dr. Dawn Garzon Maaks, who will become president of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) on July 1. According to a press release, Garzon Maaks will focus on mental health issues, including youth suicide. “The beauty of what we do as pediatric-focused advanced practice registered nurses is provide that developmentally grounded perspective to the care of children and families, in whatever setting they need regardless of what types of health care they need,” Garzon Maaks said.

After being a nurse for 45 years, a new NP-led clinic was recently opened by AANP member Marilyn Husby. According to an article about the opening and increased access to health care for patients, “…in 2015, the Minnesota Legislature passed a law allowing nurse practitioners the ability to operate their own clinic instead of requiring a doctor at the facility.” Husby said, “I thought, ‘You know I’ve always wanted to do that.’ With all my experiences in nursing and clinics, it would be fun to put together the clinic of my dreams.”

AANP member Dawn Nahrstedt will also be managing a new clinic that offers a variety of health care services. “What we would like to do is to serve patients who do not have a primary care provider,” Nahrstedt told reporters. “Sometimes it is very difficult to get into practices, so they can come here. We can see them over and over again and establish a relationship and treat them for chronic diseases and acute care illness, too.”

When Elizabeth Ellis, an AANP member, opened the a clinic in Texas last year, she became the first primary care provider based in the small town of Bedias in more than 80 years. “Rural health is why I became a nurse practitioner,” Ellis told AARP. “As big as Texas is, as big as our health care needs are, we need to get with the future,” she added.

Congratulations to AANP member Mike Holtz who recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the expansion of his primary care clinic. Learn more.

A local news article featured AANP member Diane Tremain, who described a recent spike in illness in the Osarks. According to Tremain, “We’ve seen an uptick in some viral illnesses,” Tremain said. “Where patients have been coming in and they have been running some fevers and feeling achy all over.”

Congratulations to AANP member Denise Buonocore, who is the new board chair of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. According to a press release, Buonocore will serve a two-year term of office.

30 Seconds blog featured several articles from AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick and Immediate Past President Dr. Cindy Cooke.

Advance Health Care covered AANP’s new national awareness campaign and quoted Dr. Knestrick, who said,  “NPs are the provider of choice for millions of families across the United States. We conduct over one billion patient visits each year.” Read more.

NPs are less likely to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics, according to a recent study by Athena Health. “It’s really hard, particularly in primary care, to explain to patients why they shouldn’t get an antibiotic, because everybody wants a quick fix,” said Knestrick. And that’s where NPs’ training kicks in. “I try to give the patient a little bit of control with some choices,” says Knestrick. “‘So I [say], ‘We can give you some cough medicine or decongestants,’ and we talk about increasing fluids. That helps delay the person from insisting on an antibiotic. Beckers Hospital Review also reported on the study.

Research conducted by AANP member Dr. Hilary Barnes continues to reach new audiences. Consumer Affairs cited Barnes’ study in a recent article that asserted NPs are the answer to the growing health care shortage. News Medical also reported on the study.

Three pearls to keep children safe during the summer were shared by AANP member Cami Kesler. Swimming safety, sunscreen use and hydration were among Kesler’s suggestions.

An article about a hospital granting a patient’s final wish mentioned AANP member Melissa Price and detailed her role in helping to organize a wedding, complete with a wedding cake, for a dying patient.

Congratulations to AANP member Peter Oates, who was honored for his service in the LGBTQ community by Essex County New Jersey’s LGBTQ advisory board. Read more.

AANP member Jess Calohan was featured in a Health Data Management article about ways that genomic tests and medication management systems can help improve prescribing accuracy. Learn more.

Congratulations to AANP member Dr. Heidi Rogers, who was appointed Director of Interprofessional Education for the University of New Mexico. “The Interprofessional Education program is collaborating on important, innovative and cool educational experiences for all our students,” Rogers said in a press release. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with faculty, staff and students from across the HSC campus to support the mission of interprofessional collaboration, as well as improved models of patient-centered care.”

What does a nurse practitioner do? AANP member Angelique Mason answered that question for readers of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Need suggestions to help you stay healthy in the heat? AANP member Kimberly Webber shared pro tips in a local news report. “Water keeps the balance of everything that we need,” said Webber. “It’s the number one part of what our body is made of, what it functions on. Water is the best thing to keep us hydrated.”

Minority health was the subject of a local news interview featuring AANP member Nyla Fleming. The discussion highlighted the Inshape Indiana Black and Minority Health Fair, which aims to increase minority awareness of diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension and cancer.

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