Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

In a recent article, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action is highlighting the role of NPs who are assessing the health of DOT truck drivers. Several AANP Fellows and members are mentioned in the article. A second article quoted AANP Region 11 Director Dr. Jean Aertker and CEO David Hebert. Regarding the role of NPs in performing DOT truck driver health assessments, Hebert said, “Authorizing nurse practitioners to fulfill these roles increases access to care and allows patients to select their provider of choice.”

AARP reported that AANP Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Ellis is the only primary care provider in her rural area. Read more to learn how Full Practice Authority for NPs could help improve access to care for patients.

Congratulations to AANP Fellow Dr. Jaibun Earp, who is the new dean of the Abraham Bladwin Agricultural College School of Nursing and Health Sciences. “Nursing is a professional discipline that combines the art and science of caring and curing,” Earp said. “Teachers are the facilitators for the students’ learning process. Students do very well on their own but we can help them to make better decisions if we are facilitators, not just force feeding them the information.” Read the press release.

AANP Fellow Dr. Denise Coppa was quoted in an article about ways that University of Rhode Island nurse practitioner students are preparing for the future of home-based health care. According to Coppa, “A very important part of the role of a nurse practitioner is health promotion and prevention, a lot of which will be done in the home. The value of this program is showing our students that they see patients differently in home-based care.”

Listen to AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick and AANP Fellow Dr. Denise Link discuss the growing importance of the NP role. The interview was played on KJZZ radio. Knestrick had several articles published on Thrive.

Nurse practitioners are meeting the needs of rural veterans. Knestrick told Va.Gov, “NPs are one of the most significant factors in expanding patient access to primary, acute and specialty care, especially at a time when demand is high and physicians remain concentrated in more urban and affluent areas.”

Knestrick was also quoted in an Advance Web article about the colorectal cancer screening survey that AANP conducted in collaboration with Healthy Women and Exact Sciences. “Nurse practitioners are leaders in colorectal cancer screening, encouraging their eligible patients to be screened,” Knestrick said. “However, only two-thirds of NPs surveyed said that their patients often or always complete CRC screening, with the most common reason for non-compliance being the disruptive nature of test preparation.“

A mobile health care clinic led by AANP member Richard West provides basic medical screenings for those in need. West told local news reporters, “Every metropolitan area has people who have to fend for themselves – those who do not have the resources the average person has. Part of what Quality of Life has always done is provide, resources, direction and care for those who need it most.”

A new clinic led by AANP member Karen Fegely began with the NP doing blood work from a Kmart parking lot, according to a local news article. Fegely said, The clinic was started because there was a need for it, and because I wanted to provide a resource for people to know where to go and have their basic health needs met.” Read more to see how far Fegely has come.

Jaimy Lee, News Editor for Healthcare at LinkedIn covered the AANP 2018 National Conference in Denver and interviewed two AANP Fellows. Learn more about keynote speaker Rear Admiral Susan Orsega, who serves as assistant surgeon general and chief nurse officer of the U.S. Public Health Service. Lee also interviewed integrative health and wellness expert Dr. Deb Kiley about clinician burnout and ways to avoid it.

The American Journal of Nursing reported from the conference in Denver and interviewed Rear Admiral Susan Orsega, who “focused on the critical role of NPs in addressing health inequities,” and Dr. Joyce Knestrick, who highlighted the rapidly growing numbers of nurse practitioners.

Clinical Advisor published several articles based on their coverage of the AANP 2018 National Conference. Links to the articles are listed below, reflecting the wide variety of research presented at the conference.

Portland Monthly‘s Top Nurses guide highlighted the important role NPs play in solving our nation’s health care crisis and quoted AANP member Dr. Diane Solomon, who was listed among the honorees. Solomon indicated that the rising profile of NPs may indicate a shift toward relationship-based care, and she credited increased listening with greater results.

AANP member Sharon Prince was profiled in a local news article about being an NP student and transitioning into the nurse practitioner role. Prince works in a plastic surgery clinic and said, Our nurse practitioners have years of experience and extensive training to help patients achieve their non-surgical aesthetic goals. Also, they continue to research and learn about new enhancement techniques to provide the most effective surgical and non-surgical treatments for the patients.”


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