More Than 4,000 NPs Are Lending Their Voices to Improve Health Care – You Can Too!

Nearly 4,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) have come together to make a difference for their patients and profession by sharing health insights through NPInfluence, an online NP panel. NPs have unique experiences and perspectives that need to be distinguished from other health professionals and shared across the health care industry.

You can join your fellow NPs in NPInfluence, an online panel of NPs. NPInfluence is more than just a research panel; it is a platform for emphasizing the key role that NPs play in providing quality care. Your opinions matter so do not miss this opportunity to impact your patients and profession.

How NPInfluence Can Benefit You:

  • Offers a reward system for taking surveys
  • Empowers you to have a voice on health care products and services
  • Shapes health care decisions that reflect your values and expertise
  • Spreads the word about the importance of your profession’s role in health care

Become a panelist today! You’ll have the opportunity to take as many, or as few, opinion-based surveys as you want. You get to choose the research topics that you are important to you and have the satisfaction of knowing that your voice is impacting the health care industry. In addition, you will earn points for each survey you complete that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Here’s How NPInfluence Works:
1. Fill out the registration form.
2. Receive emails with invitations to take surveys.
3. Take as many or as few surveys as you want.
4. Earn points for each survey you complete.
5. Redeem points for a gift card.

Join today!

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