Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

Opioid overdose awareness was the subject of a talk that kicked off a new Penn State Shenango Nursing Program lecture series. AANP member Dr. Joan Humphrey was among the presenters and said, “With the ever-increasing concern about opioid overdose in our area, we feel it is so important to continue to bring awareness to our community. If hearing what one of us has to say can help save or give support to someone who is addicted or to someone whose loved one is suffering because of opioid abuse, then we have done our job as health care and emergency care providers and will continue to hold these types of programs until this epidemic is no longer an issue.” Learn more.

Michelle AndersonCongratulations to AANP member Michelle Anderson, who was recently voted the best doctor of Bonner County Idaho for the fifth year in a row in a contest conducted by the Bonner County Daily Bee. Anderson owns an NP-led clinic and is the first NP to serve on the board of directors for Bonner General Health. Anderson also received the 2018 AANP Idaho State Award for Excellence NP Advocate Award in June. A snapshot of the recognition is on the left.

AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick wrote a Labor Day themed blog for Thrive on indications that your job might be causing excessive stress levels. Read Knestrick’s six signs that job burnout is making you unhealthy.

Congratulations to AANP member Mary Vigeant, who was commended by the New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association (NHNPA) for her efforts to “change hospital bylaws to include NPs as fully credentialed medical staff members.” According to NHNPA, Vigeant worked with her colleagues to propose bylaws changes that were recently passed and implemented, allowing NPs to “hold any office within the Medical Staff and to be credentialed as voting members of any Medical Staff committee.” Read more.

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