Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

A new Medpage Today article about recommendations made by policy experts to stop incident to billing quoted AANP President Dr. Joyce Knestrick. “It really masks the true impact of the reliance of the health care system on nurse practitioners (NPs),” Knestrick said. “We know that we provide about a billion visits per year, but we can’t count all the ones that are ‘incident to’ billing. This … undermines the foundation of value-based reimbursement.”

Knestrick also wrote several blogs for 30 Seconds.

A recent Modern Medicine article about salary negotiation strategies quoted AANP Fellow and Dermatology Specialty Practice Group Co-Chair Peggy Vernon, who said, “Nurse practitioners generate revenue for the practice by providing patient care and billing insurances. As part of the provider staff they are in an excellent position to negotiate their salaries based on production and revenue generated.” Vernon also indicated that some large companies may have set salaries, based on a provider’s education and experience.

AANP Fellow Dr. Elda Ramirez serves as the Director of the Emergency/Trauma Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Texas and was recently quoted in an article about about the Advocates’ Roadmap Report. Ramirez said, “With more than 37,000 deaths and millions of injuries annually on our roads, elected officials throughout the country must move forward with the preventative countermeasures in Advocates’ Roadmap Report. Failure to do so will result in more traffic crash victims in emergency rooms—an outcome no emergency nurse wants to experience.”

A 32-year veteran, AANP member Lt. Col. Katrina Lloyd recently relinquished command of the 2nd Battalion, 119th Regiment of the Louisiana National Guard. A news article about the leadership transition commended Lloyd and the contributions she has made to the state of Louisiana.

Congratulations to AANP member Dr. Rozina Bhimani, who is a recent Association of Rehabilitation Nurses/Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation Research Grant award recipient. According to a press release, Bhimani’s research on Effects of Mobilization Patterns on Spasticity Symptom Cluster: Understanding Functional Outcomes will “explore the pattern of mobilization in stroke patients with spasticity symptom cluster (SSC) and determine how this mobilization pattern correlates with functional outcomes over time.”

AANP member Sheri Carson was recently recognized for developing a new, evidence-based child-abuse screening program. “Statistics are showing that hospitals across the country are not doing a good job screening for child abuse,” Carson said. “We have protocols in place to treat it once it’s been identified, but it’s the cases of missed abuse that are the problematic ones. Those are the ones that we’re trying to capture through screenings.” Read more.

“A medical group in southeastern Oklahoma is expanding,” according to a local news report about a merger involving a clinic that was owned and operated by AANP member Kasi Whatley. “Many times, rural offices struggle with finding resources available to patients in regard to referrals and continuity of care,” Whatley said, and she explained that the merger will increase access to resources that will help her clinic increase services for patients.

A recent diabetes awareness event included AANP member Rosary Munoz, who is both an NP and diabetes educator. Munoz shared common risk factors associated with diabetes and encouraged people to consider dietary changes as appropriate. Read more.

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