Spotlight on NPs

Spotlight on NPs highlights exciting achievements and activities of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) members.

The Digital Journal reported on AANP Chief Executive Officer David Hebert‘s op-ed in Time, which indicated that more nurse practitioners (NPs) could potentially solve the opioid crisis. The Time article was co-authored by Tommy Thompson, who served as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and as the 42nd Governor of Wisconsin. “Empowering nurse practitioners to treat addiction—and removing unnecessary restrictions at the state level—can go a long way in liberating American patients,” Thompson and Hebert wrote.

NPs are the solution to health care provider shortages, AANP President Dr. Sophia Thomas wrote in an article for The Hill. “NP-provided care is associated with decreased hospitalizations, decreased readmissions, and improved health care outcomes. These cost savings are compounded in states with FPA, where there is less unnecessary provider duplication and involvement in matters that can be fully handled by an NP.” The op-ed was covered by McKnight’s Senior Living and Becker’s Hospital Review.

Thomas also wrote the following blogs recently:

Congratulations to AANP Fellow Dr. Bernadette Melnyk, who was recently elected president of the National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities (BHAC), which seeks to enhance population health and well-being at universities and colleges and within their communities. AANP member Dr. Mario Ortiz serves as Research and Evidence-based Practice Chair for the organization. Learn more.

“I believe nurse practitioners are vital health care providers who can play an important role in the future health of our populations,” AANP member Dr. Kathryn Daniel said in a recent news article about her work. “Through my work and research, I am thrilled to be part of the group building the science of nursing through future nurse practitioners and nurse scientists.” Daniel recently became an American Academy of Nursing Fellow.

Congratulations to the St. Mary’s Health Wagon and AANP Fellows Dr. Teresa Gardner Tyson and Dr. Paula E.S. Hill for being among the recipients of the 2019 National Association of Free and Charitable Clinic grants from CVS Health and the CVS Health Foundation. According to a press release, “The grants will support increased access to quality care through substance abuse prevention, chronic disease management and assessing the social determinants of health.”

Florence Health shared AANP member Juliette Blount’s five ways that health care providers can minimize racial health disparities. Blount presented “What is Race and Why Does it Matter?” at the 2019 AANP National Conference in Indianapolis. Blount said, “Talking about it [race] is not going to kill you. But not talking about race is going to kill patients.” Read more.

AANP Fellow Dr. Cheryl Rising educated people in her community about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices and using an incremental approach to ensure that changes last over time. “Half of the people in our nation are either overweight or obese according to their body mass index,” Rising said in a local news article about the event. “People who continue to be overweight get heart disease, diabetes, arthritis. Kids who are overweight and obese often stay that way as adults. These children also have increased psychological problems, anxiety, depression and all the chronic illnesses that go along with obesity, and developing these problems at an earlier age than happened in any previous generation.”

A clinic that provides free health care services to uninsured patients was started nearly a decade ago by AANP member Jami Easterday. According to a local news report, Easterday was inspired to increase access to health care for patients after she “encountered a longtime patient who had to receive kidney dialysis because they were forced to choose to pay their bills and buying groceries over purchasing necessary medication.” Learn more about the clinic and the patients it serves.

Congratulations to AANP member Dr. Jeffery Ramirez, who was recently elected to serve as Member-at-Large on the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Board of Directors. Read the press release.

Risk factors liking heart disease and diabetes will be discussed by AANP member Charlie Shelton at a patient education event. Shelton will help diabetes patients identify and reduce the risk factors associated with heart disease. Participants will be given the opportunity to share their own experiences, tips, ideas and concerns, according to an advisory about the event.

Last month, AANP member Jessica Wilson told a local news station that first responders are affected by trauma, and in some cases, they can experience post-traumatic stress disorder. “It [trauma] can affect everyone a different way, but sometimes the reactions are delayed,” Wilson said. “Nightmares, intrusive thoughts, having flashbacks of what happened, avoiding things. We would then consider, is this post-traumatic stress disorder? In which case you’d really want to go seek some help and see if there’s anything we can do to get you feeling better.” Wilson was also featured in a news report that highlighted her advocacy efforts to improve mental health care for patients.

AANP member Cynthia Moreno is among the final seven candidates for three open positions on the Gila Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees. Read a summary of the question and answer session in which finalists participated.

Tips to ease allergy symptoms were shared by AANP member Dr. Nata Matthews in a local news report. Matthews discussed allergy symptoms and shared insights to help people identify whether they could treat their symptoms at home or if they needed to visit a health care provider.

Five common summer health myths were recently debunked by AANP member Natalie Yount. Read the helpful health tips she shared with readers of her local newspaper.

AANP member Tony Hogan owns an NP-led practice, and he recently opened a mobile food service and catering company. “I can’t have a disappointment because I love doing this,” Hogan said in a local news report about his new business. “I love taking care of people in my office. I love doing this. My life is full of results and positive energy now.”

In an article about preceptorships for nursing students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison designed to help address rural health care shortages, AANP member Sarah Smith discussed her experience working in a clinic in rural Illinois. “The nurse practitioner I worked with had a lot of independence in her practice.,” Smith said. “Other providers within the clinic were very supportive if she had a question. It was a really collaborative environment, working together as a team.”

Congratulations to AANP members Dr. Margaret Zoellers, Dr. Alison Connell and Dr. Angela Wood and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), who recently received a 2019 Blackboard Catalyst Award in Teaching and Learning for the “exemplary design, quality and performance of the EKU Online Rural Health Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Program. “Delivering online learning presents unique challenges, but ultimately must equal that of a face-to-face program,” FNP program coordinator Zoellers said. Read the press release to learn more.

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