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Smolov squat t nation May 23 2016 Dead Squat Technique Targets Legs Glutes. Workout spreadsheet tracking excel example training gym workout sheet reddit log. That one time you had an all-star day at the gym and have not since repeated. Results and winners are already up on the USAPL's site via Google Spreadsheet.

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Smolov Squat Cycle Stronglifts Spreadsheet Smolov Squat Cycle MagOrt Deadlift Greg. 5 things I Wish I Knew When I Got Started in Weightlifting October 29 2014. After a while I ended up changing from the Bulgarian-ish setup to something Greg. AC short circuit between all pins and ground thermal over-range load dump voltage. Smolov spreadsheet reddit COLOURSOFT.

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Since I am currently torturing my weak legs with this thing I thought that. To get in shape might take several thick volumes of work to detail everything. Looking to build muscle or lose fat but can only attend the gym 3 times a week. 5x5 is like 2 days between sessions lol I regularly change things up and down i. Smolov Squat Routine Wikipedia.

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